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Welcome to Bluffs Chiropractic

Welcome to,  the website of Dr. Gerard Thomas Arbour, a Chiropractor in  the Greater Toronto Area. 

Dr. Arbour has practiced Chiropractic since 1990, serving the Scarborough Bluffs community in Cliffside Village since 1994 .

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Bluffs Chiropractic is located in the Cliffside Village community in the Scarborough Bluffs,  on the North side of Kingston Road, just East of the merge of Danforth Ave.  This location has been a Chiropractic Office since 1960, and is located near the familiar landmarks of the Scarborough Cenotaph and Haven on the Bluffs Condominiums.

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Chiropractic Care serving Toronto & Scarborough


2236 Kingston Road

Toronto, ON M1N 1T9

Tel: 416-261-2890

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