Your feet are your foundation. Misalignment of bones in the feet can cause faulty foot mechanics, causing local foot problems such as arch pain (plantar fasciitis), arthritis and bunions (hallux valgus). Interestingly, knee and hip pains as well as low back problems are often attributable to poor feet alignment.

Dr. Arbour is trained to assess and correct foot imbalances by prescribing orthotics and custom made shoes if necessary. Custom orthotics are shoe inserts that are made of a flexible molded thermoplastic, formed from a precise impression of your feet. They are designed to fit comfortably in shoes and provide support to bring the bones of the feet into proper alignment.

Custom orthotics not only improves body alignment but also provides more efficient body mechanics. This can be beneficial for both recreational and competitive athletes. The additional shock absorption that custom orthotics provide is also helpful in minimizing joint pain due to degenerative or arthritic conditions.



At times, fitting orthotics into individual shoes is not practical. In that case,  custom made shoes can be crafted with orthotics incorporated into them. These are tailored to create a comfortable fitted device that meets individual orthotic needs and gives the feet the support they require to function properly. Whether for walking, running, hiking or regular dress wear, you will go in contemporary style.