Accidents can happen. Beyond the obvious discomfort of personal injury is the challenge of dealing with third party managed care. Dr. Arbour has extensive experience working with insurance adjudicators to insure patients are adequately supported when injured and not able to work or assume normal responsibilities around house or home. Emphasis shifts from initial pain relief to functional improvement and return to pre-accident health status. Patients progress to a return to modified and full time work duties when ready and a timely progression to regular activities of daily life.

Chiropractors are primary care Doctors. No medical referral is necessary and costs of Chiropractic care are fully covered by Motor Vehicle Insurance and the Workers Safety & Insurance Bureau(WSIB).



The best management of sports injuries starts with prevention. Pre-activity Chiropractic fitness assessments are important in picking up little problems before they become bigger troubles. Whether you are a recreational or competitive athlete, imbalances, weaknesses and lack of flexibility can all be addressed before competition begins.

Once an injury is suffered, prompt care is important. The injured patient is coached through initial reduction of pain and inflammation; then graduated to progressive stretches and exercises; and then progressed to sport specific activities. The proper timing and management of this succession is important in reducing recovering time and ensuring a safe return to sporting activities.

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