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Chiropractors are spinal neuromusculoskeletal specialists.

Dr. Arbour is uniquely trained to detect spinal misalignments/dysfunctions (subluxations) which may be the cause of pain, immobility and nerve interference. Dr. Arbour uses a gentle hands-on approach, making specific spinal adjustments to correct misalignment, restore proper joint function and reduce nerve pressure. The aim is for less pain, improved mobility and a healthier lifestyle.


Chiropractors are also extremity neuromusculoskeletal specialists. Proper function of the peripheral joints and muscles is important for everyday activities at home or work, as well as for recreational activities. Dr. Arbour routinely sees repetitive strain injuries as well as sports injuries in the regular course of practice. Acute care, hands-on corrective care and home wellness care are main components in individualized programs of care.



Kids have spines too!! Children are spending increasing time in front of computers and video games; back packs are loaded heavier at earlier ages; many slips and falls are part of a child’s day of play; teenagers have their own unique problems adapting to their changing bodies. Timely check-ups of your child’s spine are important to encourage good posture, balanced growth and spinal health.

Dr. Arbour sees kids of all ages. Wellness check-ups are encouraged now and then to assess your child’s spinal health and to monitor for spinal curvature(scoliosis) and dysfunction. Scoliosis often goes undetected and can progress to cause pain, deformity and poor health. Early detection and regular spinal care are important factors in the successful management of scoliosis and the promotion of good spinal health.




Senior care is often about managing the effects of cumulative wear and tear on the body. Joint Pain and loss of mobility and balance problems are common with aging. Dr. Arbour places emphasis on keeping patients as active as possible. Gentle spinal and peripheral joint mobilization and adjustment are aimed at maintaining good alignment and mobility. Home stretches, exercises and postural tips are important adjunctive care.

The prescription of joint braces, ergonomic and mobility aids are often helpful for supportive care of mobility, balance and coordination problems.

Regular Chiropractic care in the senior years can be helpful in relieving pain, improving mobility, and promoting good and safe health habits for independent living.

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